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About Us

"ANITA ARTS” is a collection of handmade paintings of LORD SHRINATHJI made by Anita Sukhwal.
ANITA ARTS - presents LORD SHRINATHJI in all grandeur.

ANITA ARTS was created 10 years ago by the artist Anita Sukhwal. The artist started painting as a Hobby. Her paintings are handmade on Canvas & Reverse Glass.

She has also created many wonderful paintings and one of her prized possession is ***SHRINATHJI LED 3D PAINTING***. An Exclusive new hand-made painting of Lord Shrinathji on Canvas, made by Pearl & acrylic color. The painting is decorated with beautiful gems and original decorative are items used for giving a near life-like Shringaarvarti effect to the painting. This 3D painting is inspired by the real Shringaars of the Lord.

For creating a mesmerising effect, the artist uses pure gold foil, jerkins, diamonds, decorative laces, kundan, salowood, sparkel colours, gold colours, etc.,.in her paintings.

She has held Solo exhibhitions of her paintings titled “SHREE DHARSHAN” in Udaipur . She has to her credit exhibitions at SHIPGRAM MELA – UDAIPUR; Bagour Ki Haveli, LIONS CLUB - UDAIPUR. Currently she is exhibiting her paintings in Ahmedabad from the period 21st December 2013 till 23rd December 2013.

Her paintings are in the proud possession of many art lovers all over India as well as abroad.

Artist from different field for eg *BIRJU JI MAHARAJ*have appreciated her work.

SHRINATHI, a representation of LORD KRISHNA is worshipped in North India at Nathdwara, UDAIPUR, one of the holy places in Rajashthan.

Pichhavai paintings are created for Krishna in his form as Shrinathji, the Lord. (‘Shri’, another name for Lakshmi, means abundance and all good things. ‘Nath’ means the lord and ‘dwara’ is a door.) Lord Shrinathji is usually shown richly draped and adorned with gold and jewels. Eyes are very special: they are shown half-closed, looking down, deep in meditation. His body is painted dark blue, the colors of outer space and infinity, while he is clothed in yellow and gold, the colors of our earth. So thus, the lord of all space and infinity is shown coming down to earth in human form. He wears pearls, flowers and silk robes. Everywhere mild, placid cows look at him adoringly while peacocks dance near him.

All themes of the paintings revolve around the image of Shrinathji, the enigmatic black-faced figure of Lord Krishna. Anita Arts features - "reverse glass painting with double frame"