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The artist's works were liked by her friends and family. Slowly the appreciation spread all across Udaipur through word of mouth and people went to her home itself to purchase her paintings.

Anita's paintings have been appreciated by the Minister Mr. C.P. JOSHI.

The well known poetess - Ms.Prabha Thakur has purchased a couple of Anita's paintings.

Gujarati Actress - Aandee Tripathi has learnt to paint from Anita Sukhwal.

Inderprakash Hotel - Udaipur have put up her painting in the reception. Anita started painting on cloth using decorative laces, gold colour etc and then framed her paintings. Slowly she moved on to make paintings on Glass, and REVERSE GLASS PAINTINGS using mirror etchings; kundan art from Silver; Canvas art and gradually started making LED PAINTINGS.

She then started computerised artwork - which she reproduced on CANVAS for more effect she made use of kundan, stones, jerkins, oil paints, acrylic and 3D colours; sparkel colours in her paintings.

Anita is imparting her knowledge to others by training young girls and boys in this artwork. She teaches her students "Tanjor Gold work; mirror etchings; 3D Painitings".